The famous “corbeille” of Palais Brongniart, that was used to collect the cigarette butts of stockbrokers and heard their auctions for over 200 years in order to ensure the price quotes in all transparency, became a museum object on Wednesday the 8th, July 1987.  It ceded its place to a continuous quotation system assisted by computers. It was the financial and technological revolution !


A few decades after this remarquable event, the only limit of these financial technologies is our imagination: Artificial intelligence, Digital banks, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, big data, machine learning, decentralized finance … Who would have thought that in so little time, financial technologies would not only compete with traditional finance, but guide it, exceed it, and maybe replace it !


Les Taureaux du Panthéon society is your first boat to navigate in this infinitely rich ocean, fabulously big and certainly indispensable ! 


Let’s get on board together to discover the treasures Fintech has to offer, to invite the hunters of these treasures that have already made a fortune in order to learn from their experiences, and to understand the methods and the essentials to begin our treasure hunt !

“The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it.”  - Abraham Lincoln

What does the Fintech team offer you?

  • Tutoreaux : Finance programming lessons on Python, along with tutorial videos and corrected exercises.

  • Projects : Once you learn the basics of finance programming, you will have the opportunity to benefit from coaching to work on your own Fintech project. 

  • Conferences : Discussions with Fintech professionals, in order to better understand their experiences, and develop your professional network ! 

  • News : Several articles on news firms and new Fintech technologies !