​The environment and the machinery of corporate finance are sometimes misunderstood and their importance often minimized. However, it is at the heart of financial decisions. A firm won’t be able to grow, and thus optimize the profitability of capital contributed by its shareholders, without an effective investment strategy and financial policy.

In order to maximize its growth, the firm will seek advice and financing solutions from a multitude of actors. These can range from Private Equity analysts to traditional bankers as well as financial auditors.

The society Taureaux du Panthéon and more specifically the Corporate Finance team have two main goals. On the one hand, introduce technical concepts relating to corporate finance, in particular through a Merger-Acquisition simulation project. On the other hand, highlight the large panel of actors who participate in the influence of compagnies.

What does the Corporate Finance team offer you?

  • M&A project : this year it is the acquisition of Tiffany by the LVMH group. The objective is to carry out a study and a financial analysis on a concrete case.

  • Newsletters : twice a month we publish a newsletter on economic and financial news.​

  • Conferences and meetings with professionals from the corporate finance industry.